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I WISH YOU A MERRY X-MESS + HAPPY 2010! [Dec. 19th, 2009|05:13 pm]
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JANUARY 2009: THE LATEST NEWS [Jan. 14th, 2009|06:07 am]
[music |the international tall dwarfs - stumpy]



1. There's a new exhibition running in my hometown of Tilburg exposing a selection of my latest and older paintings. First chance for Tilburg to see the selection of new works which were made in the last quarter of 2008. Check out the digital poster above to find out more. It's also clickable for extra info. (dutch language only)

2. A second printing of my GARDENOFEYES EP will arrive soon.

3. In december I've had my dutch television debut. Look for it in my blog section on top of my myspace page.

4. My Sketchbook I release is now for sale through Tocado Records! Click on the promotional ad below to check it out in their online store.

5. I'd love to share some more exciting news with you but all those great new things are still in very early phases right now so I'd rather announce them when they're happening. So more news soon. It will only get better..

Oh and P.S.

There's one extra live art date added on my profile and there's also a new live art video trailer online....

Alright, thanks for checking this out!

And remember, "say Yes to life!"

Peace, love and paint . Levi

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SO I DID SOME LIVE ART PERFORMANCES... [Dec. 3rd, 2008|04:36 pm]
[music |butthole surfers - psychic... powerless... another man's sac]

So I did a bunch of live art performances in a row in november last month.
I had a bunch of them in Tilburg (zaal16, paradox, halloffame + my very first living room gig!), one in Amsterdam on a motorboat called the MS Stubnitz and one in Maastricht's LandBouwBelang.. all of them went great in their own way. I did a gig in the Hall of Fame on november 21st, opening up the Night of Art & Music's 4th edition.. it became the most heavy, meanest, freakiest and rawest out-of-control and unhealthy live art performance I've done to date. The show included the heaviest music by the Butthole Surfers, no lights in the room, only heavy and intense stroboscopic light effects and the use of a smoke machine. And since my sweet cousin was there with her adorable camera, she had the opportuniy of documenting it all. So, without further ado, I present to you THE PROGRESSION OF A FREAKED-OUT LIVE ART PERFORMANCE on NOV 21st 2008, in Tilburg holland:

there's smoke comin from my ass!

this is where i folded the two panels on top of eachother and continued on the backside of one of them. this is also where it got really dirty. and unhealthy (eating + spitting paint).

this is where i folded the two panels back into its original position again. now we have some kind of grim, abstract and soaked up painting as a result..
or, just a mess.. however you wanna look at the many possibilities that are art...

the final shot and result of a 23minute piggy-like mess-around with paint.

THANKS A LOT TO FEMKE VAN BEERS for all the nice pictures!!
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